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Name: Kaisa Virtanen
Canon: Old World of Darkness
Age: 31
Race: As ordinary a human as you can be with her family
Job: Engineer (development-side; specializes in energy storage and transmission solutions)

- a while before she was born, Kaisa's mother Anneli and her twin sister Marja very, very abruptly left Finland and resettled to Portugal and later Spain. But when Anneli got pregnant, they moved again, this time to southern Germany. This is where Kaisa grew up, co-parented by the twins.
- When she was in her early teens, Marja married a a woman named Barbara. They had a daughter together, Tuuli. At this point it needs to be mentioned that both of them were mages. Oh, and also, Anneli was a werewolf, and Tuuli turned out to be one, too.
- And yet Kaisa got older and older and nothing special ever came along...
- Then she went to Berlin to study and got herself ghouled. This went on for three years before her parental units figured out what was going on and hauled her ass back down south, locking her up in the house until they were sure that everything vampire had been flushed out. (Note: Yes, this means that she is functionallyan addict who has been clean for over half a decade now.)
- a while later, she had kids, first Usko and then two years later Pinja. The father is some guy from her mother's tribe, whom she was introduced to specifically for this purpose and is actually pleasantly surprised by, as he drops by every once a while to check in on the kids. She raises them together with a friend who is in a similar situation, Keira, who has one son, is also a mage and for a daytime job works as a nurse in Marja's doctor's office.
- she is currently working on finishing her degree, doing some clerical work for her aunt's doctor's office, raising her kids, and dabbles with hedge magic because fuck this noise of being the only regular human here (every once in a while, she thinks she's made her peace with it, and then something happens and she mentally flips tables).


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Kaisa Virtanen